A Touching Story About My Hair Being Touched

Check out this piece written by my friend and fellow blogger, Simone Samuels, about how a hair-touching encounter touched her heart.

Simone Samuels

I was trying to comb out my hair in the change room after my swim today. The shrinkage (and the accompanying struggle) was real. Chlorine and my hair (and my eyes for that matter) are not friends. I was just trying to detangle it and then I would wash it when I got home.

In the mirror, I noticed an elderly Chinese lady who was drying her own hair just staring at my hair. I had a feeling she was going to touch it. While I don’t plan on becoming a petting zoo any time soon, I realize Black hair is a fascinating phenomenon and by the way she was staring, I assumed this was the closest she’d ever been to hair like mine. She spoke no English, but she touched my hair and then touched hers as if to say, “Your hair is so curly and mine is so…

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