Phenomenal Professional Naturalista: Mrs. Natasha Patten

What is your name?

Natasha Patten

Where do you live?

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

What is your occupation?

Creative Director at Blue Image Group, Outerwear Collection; Makeup Artistry and Makeup Education

What is your educational background?

Bachelor of Applied Arts, Ryerson University; Certificate of Pattern Drafting, Ryerson University; Diploma, Creative Makeup Design, Toronto School of Makeup Art

How long have you been natural?

5 years

Why did you decide to “go” natural?

I really just wanted colour in my hair and my stylist said I can’t lighten it with a relaxer—it’s too damaging. So, that day at the salon, I cut the relaxer out so that I could have the colour!

What is your go-to natural hairstyle?

Short and blonde!

Have you ever experienced any challenges in the workplace due to your natural hair?

None at all. As an entrepreneur, I don’t have those same “run-ins” with associates, but I do have to meet new people regularly. I bring my confidence and professionalism to the table and hope that’s what they see.

What do you love most about your natural hair?

I love how easy it is to take care of! With very little effort, I’m ready to go in the morning. And of course, I love my curls!

What have you found to be most challenging about being natural?

In the beginning, I couldn’t find a style that was “me”; a signature cut, so to speak. That was the hardest part for me. Now I’ve found my groove.

How do you maintain your “work-hair-life” balance?

With two small children, a husband, and a business to run, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to my hair. I need it to look good though—all the time—so, again, I balanced that by having it in a short, easy-to-maintain style.

What words of encouragement would you offer to someone who is considering going natural, but may have reservations due to their profession?

Negative perceptions should never be taken on by the person to whom they’re directed. Don’t take responsibility for anyone else’s actions or thoughts: it’s way too much work! I know natural women who are partners at their law firms, doctors, architects, politicians and entrepreneurs. Don’t let that stop you from being yourself! As for maintenance, every hairstyle we do requires maintenance: it’s a fact of being a Black woman. The sooner you accept that, the easier it becomes to take care of.


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