Phenomenal Professional Naturalistas: March 2018

Thank you for following the Phenomenal Professional Naturalistas series this Women’s Month! We hope that you feel empowered, affirmed, and inspired by this roster of PHENOMENAL women, who have not allowed society’s perceptions of their natural hair to stop them from thriving in their respective fields!

A BIG thank you to Racquel Brown, Shelby Wilson, Fana Gibson, Norah Dorcine, Natasha Patten, Janine Clarke, Shaneka Shaw Taylor, Kym Niles, Abigail Browne, Kimberley Tull, Kimberly Johnson, Sybil Thompson, and Kareena Elliston for sharing your hair-stories with us!

These women have truly proven that we are so much more than our hair and that true confidence as a naturalista comes from the inside out!

May you also find the confidence to let your natural glory shine in the classroom, boardroom, courtroom, or whatever space is graced daily with your presence!

Know that your natural hair is beautiful. It is doable. It is professional. And it is nothing short of phenomenal!





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