New Decade, New Hair, New Me!

So…I did it! I cut off my postpartum hair, and I LOVE it!

Before (my hi-lo, damaged afro)

After (my new short curly cut!), courtesy of Keina Morgan, Urban Curls Boutique

I was a little bit nervous because I have never gotten my hair cut (like, cut into a style) before!

(There was that one time in undergrad when I went to get my hair “laid” at a popular hair salon in Atlanta’s West End, and they literally slayed my hair…because when I went to wash out the flat-ironed press, my hair refused to curl back- it was burnt! I had to cut off several inches off then, and I was DEVASTATED!)

This time, I went to see Keina Morgan at Urban Curls Boutique in Toronto because I WANTED to cut it. I was tired of the new hi-lo afro I had gained courtesy of having my beloved son. (As I mentioned in my last post, I started balding after my son was born.)

I was tired of how it looked, tired of trying to cover it up, and tired of trying to take care of it. My son has a lot of energy and demands a lot of attention, which means I ain’t got no time to worry about my hair!

So, I told Keina to cut it off! Short enough, so that I could do minimal work to keep it looking good…and long enough, so that my husband wouldn’t have a heart attack, lol! And here’s what she came up with!

VoilĂ ! New Decade, New Hair, New Me!

(Shout-out to my sister and natural hair stylist, Sarah-Naomi, for her recommendations on choosing the right style for me!)


Have you ever considered getting a short curly cut? What, if anything, is stopping you? Share below!